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Business Process and Systems Evaluation

Many organizations struggle from realizing the full potential of their information systems. Their business processes are not mature, and they aspire to have Class A business processes. espi has conducted several comprehensive gap analyses to assess how well the business processes are set up and how the systems are being used to get desired results.

First, we gain an understanding of your business aspirations and then start a deep-dive of your business’s Processes, People, and Technology. Our experienced consultants walk through the details of your value-chain. This inspection helps in finding out a slew of reasons for how the business is using the systems.

The ultimate goal is to get the most out of your investments, and the resulting recommendations are specific and actionable. These can include process re-engineering, master data governance, training and education, organizational alignment, as well as in some instances, the use of modern tools and technology to improve the business processes.

Business Process evaluation and selection consultants in manufacturing facility.


Process and Productivity Improvement

“We dramatically improved our manufacturing productivity through several process improvements. As a result of the changes from this project, we are poised to achieve our goal of 30% revenue growth for each of the next three years.”

Fragrance Manufacturing, Inc. President

Management Information Systems

“A multidisciplinary team worked together to evaluate, flowchart, and dissect our processes. Every step of our process was questioned. The JDM staff provided the direct mail industry acumen, and ESPI staff brought their expertise in ERP and a fresh external perspective.”

Jetson Direct Mail Services, Inc. President and COO

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