SystemS implementation

Business transformation through the implementation of ERP systems and other business systems is a major undertaking. These are high-reward and high-risk projects that businesses undertake only a few times in their life-cycle. These projects require a cross-functional collaborative effort and require professionals to guide the business.

Our experience with 100+ such projects has helped our clients transform their businesses and the digitization of their value-chains. They have become highly competitive and have improved their business bottom, as well as the top line.

espi’s consultants are equipped with strong business process knowledge. They have functional as well as technical expertise. As a part of espi’s proven methodologies, we bring dozens of accelerators that improve the quality and reduce the risks of these projects.

These transformational projects often do not adequately bolster the people’s side, and espi prides itself on bringing the best practices for change management. This method ensures that the organization is set up for successful implementation as well as sustained processes for continuous improvements.

espi’s role on these projects depends on the assistance required as well as the technology platform. espi is fully capable of deploying solutions such as Infor CloudSuite, Epicor, and Microsoft. On other projects, espi collaborates with the vendor’s implementation team and, as an extension of our client’s team, bridges the gaps that can become impediments for successful results.

Our customers have successfully implemented ERP Systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Warehouse Management (WMS), Demand Management, S&OP, and Advanced Supply Chain Planning systems. On the technology front, these include Tier 1 software such as SAP, Oracle, JDA, salesforce, and Tier 2 and 3 software such as Infor, epicor, Microsoft, Datacor, Syspro, Macola, PowerCerv, Work Wise, SAGE, and E2.