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Portfolio Management

Your portfolio of projects today determines the profile of your company in 5 and 10 years. Getting it right is vital to Strategy Realization.

Most organizations will produce more good project ideas than they have resources to complete. Innovation Excellence guides you to focus on what really matters – what helps realize your strategy – so that you do less but deliver more. We work with clients to set criteria for selecting which good project ideas should be acted on. Then we help them build the roadmaps to successful implementation.

We recognize that all good innovation portfolios will have project ideas that have varying degrees of risks and rewards. The blended risk should represent the risk profile that the executive team considers right for the company.

An important part of the selection process is to set the criteria by which leadership will decide which projects should be resourced and whether to continue investing in a project which is underway.

We guide our clients by setting up and maintaining a robust portfolio management process that helps them secure their future.

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