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Innovation Excellence

Strategy realization REQUIRES innovation excellence


espi has delivered innovative approaches through structured discovery processes. This generated ideas that delivered competitive advantage while strengthening both the top and bottom line. Increased revenue, increased market share, improved productivity, reduced COGS, improved profitability…

Project Management

espi has delivered value on hundreds of projects. Improved time to implementation, improved predictability, improved quality, reduced costs, improved ROI, improved use of resources, improved morale…

Change Management

espi’s human centric approach ensures integrated change management process throughout the transformational initiative. This has led to superior acceptance to change, higher productivity, improved ROI…

Portfolio Management

espi has established structured processes for developing and refining project portfolio. Improved strategy realization, improved asset utilization, improved ROI..


New Product Introduction

espi has transformed new product development and engineering processes for a variety of customers. Accelerated the pace of innovation, increased market share, improved profitability, improved customer satisfaction…

Innovation with Intent means that it is focused. It is focused on your business, your market, your distinctive competencies, and how you delight your customers.

Strong project management engages the whole organization to deliver value from your business investments.

Transformational change requires change management that ensures success of your organization through the success of every individual.