Every great achievement started with an idea that someone decided to deliver.

The discovery stage is where ideas are born, refined, and tested.
We emphasize the importance of innovating with intent. Through our approach, innovation aligns with and reinforces strategy. In order to achieve this, we work with enterprise leaders to develop a robust business model that lays out a clear value proposition for customers. This process becomes the framework for concrete action and sets a direction for innovation development.

In the discovery stage ideas are born, refined, and selected. We bring people together in unique ways to collaborate on the development of great ideas that are aligned with the enterprise strategy and build on its distinctive competencies. We guide clients in developing processes for idea generation, which yield high-value results. Workshops and interviews can focus on a single key objective (introducing a new product line, expanding in a market, improving production efficiency, etc.) or have a broad corporate perspective.

Once ideas are created it is essential to evaluate and select the right ideas so that the enterprise focuses energy on those with the greatest potential and value. We work with the leadership team through the selection process to evaluate ideas, refine them, and select those that really count. In support of Discovery and Idea Generation, we provide:

Workshops and Training Programs – Develop essential skillsets for Innovation with Intent, develop a list of high potential ideas to create a competitive advantage.

Analysis and Evaluationespi employs a data-driven approach for the evaluation of a range of options to short-list ideas that meet the strategic objectives.

Coaching – Developing skills so the management team can sustain the innovation process.