Project Management

Employee Morale – then espi is the right partner for your projects.

The espi team has successfully delivered over 500 high-value projects. We apply this deep experience in guiding our clients to develop a competitive advantage through innovation delivery. We have demonstrated that successful delivery of innovation is not a function of mysterious secrets but the result of following proven approaches and applying effective tools.

We combine theory with real-world practicality. We draw on best practices like those outlined by the Project Management Institute to develop project management processes for our clients, which are customized to their culture and industry. These processes are structured for both effectiveness and efficiency.

In helping our clients develop and implement project management, we follow a well-proven 5 step approach:

Assess: Evaluate current processes and projects
Develop: Establish a new or updated process based on best practices and the enterprise culture.
Conduct: Setup workshops to train people on project management in the context of the new process.
Coach: Guide the project sponsors, project managers, and project teams on the tools of the new process.
Continuous Improvement: Sustain and continuously improve the process by working with the enterprise leadership.
We also work with companies on project recovery. If a mission-critical project is showing signs of strain or even falls into a serious crisis, then we can bring in best practices to quickly stabilize the situation and implement an effective recovery. Exact results naturally depend on the details of the situation.


This phase is the last mile, but the journey begins with Innovation Discovery. Profitable product launch and growth while delighting the customer with the expected value proposition can happen only with a carefully orchestrated plan. This technique is where an amalgamation of all aspects of value-chain processes, technologies, as well as human interfaces really come together.

Creating ideas and developing them is not sufficient for the successful delivery of innovation. We also must launch them either to the market or internally (for process innovations). During this phase, we develop a compelling story and define the value proposition. This procedure becomes the foundation for the launch message and helps the team develop a vision of success.