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Manufacturing 4.0

80% plus manufacturing and supply-chain executives believe that to maintain a competitive advantage in the next couple of decades, they need to embrace elements of Manufacturing 4.0.

Factory of the Future or a Smart Factory is a term coined to highlight the convergence of physical production processes and operations with digital technology.

The Factory of the Future is powered by Manufacturing 4.0, a new phase in the Industrial Revolution focused heavily on reaping the benefits of real-time data, embedded sensors, connectivity, automation, and machine learning.

Manufacturing companies always invest in Advanced Manufacturing Technology to produce superior products. Many have digitized their operations and generate lots of data, but often there are ‘islands of automation.’ Now the question should be, how can you harness the power of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to develop human-centric solutions that improve the quality, cost, delivery, service, and safety of your operations? Your journey to Manufacturing 4.0 needs to be customized based on where your organization stands today. This undertaking needs to deliver value in a meaningful manner that improves operational excellence and delights your customers.

espi consultants bring decades of experience in driving operational excellence from Lean Manufacturing to rolling out automated ‘lights out’ operations. We harness the power of modern technology by leveraging our deep understanding of the ‘first principles’ of manufacturing operations.

Advanced manufacturing consulting for Manufacturing 4.0

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