System Selection

This is an investment to build a long-lasting and scalable infrastructure that supports business strategy. System selection is a critical and overwhelming process for businesses. Our deep experience is built on helping over 100+ customers in selecting and implementing information system platforms to meet their strategic and business transformational objectives. Our knowledge of various systems, as well as our eco-system, is invaluable as you embark on this journey. Our methodology creates a runway for a successful implementation.

With our agnostic viewpoint, our customers have selected a variety of software tools based on their business needs. This includes ERP Systems, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Warehouse Management (WMS), Demand Management, S&OP, and Advanced Supply Chain Planning solutions.

We have guided our customers in the selection of Tier 1 software such as SAP, Oracle, JDA, Salesforce, and Tier 2 and 3 software such as Infor, epicor, Microsoft, Syspro, Datacor, Macola, PowerCerv, Work Wise, and SAGE.

Our proven methodology involves the following steps –

Business Case – Define the transformational objectives and desired business benefits.
Discovery – Clearly and objectively defining the business processes and related requirements is a vital step and is an investment towards the implementation.
RFP and Demos – Communicating business needs and visualizing the future state with prospective solutions help in narrowing the solution.
Contract – Our years of experience come in handy to ensure a well-negotiated contract is established for the software and implementation process. Our involvement has helped our customers in lowering their total cost of ownership.

ERP implementation consultant by Enterprise Systems Partners, Inc (espi)


Process and Productivity Improvement

“We dramatically improved our manufacturing productivity through several process improvements. As a result of the changes from this project, we are poised to achieve our goal of 30% revenue growth for each of the next three years.”

Fragrance Manufacturing, Inc. President

Management Information Systems

“A multidisciplinary team worked together to evaluate, flowchart, and dissect our processes. Every step of our process was questioned. The JDM staff provided the direct mail industry acumen, and ESPI staff brought their expertise in ERP and a fresh external perspective.”

Jetson Direct Mail Services, Inc. President and COO

case studies

Industry Manufacturing – Custom Metal Processingply Planning and S&OP