Case Study:

ERP System Evaluation & Selection

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Manufacturing - Custom Metal Processing
  • Effective utilization of ERP system to support growth and achieve planned goals
  • Improve end-to-end visibility and communication within the ERP system
  • Improve reporting accuracy
The Solution:
  • Conduct a gap analysis to identify current ERP system flaws
  • Complete a comprehensive assessment of viable ERP systems
    • Define key stakeholders, scope, and milestones
    • Conduct process reviews and future state definition
    • Explore ERP options and how they relate to best-of-breed, hybrid, and mixture of options
    • Analyze vendor evaluation and software selection activities
Realized Benefits:
  • Increased reliance on the ERP system for all needs
  • Improved confidence in reliability
  • Increase flexibility and scalability for future growth

We brought in espi to help us find the best system for Orbel. When we saw that we had just grown out of our current system, espi provided us with the options to make the right decision.”

Ken Marino, President, Orbel Corporation