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Innovation Excellence


Because the purpose of business is to create a customer, the business enterprise has two–and only two–basic functions: marketing and innovation. (Peter Drucker)

Your company’s future depends on delivering innovation profitably.

Innovation with Intent means that it is focused. It is focused on your business, your market, your distinctive competencies, and how you delight your customers. Through our approach, innovation aligns with and reinforces strategy. espi has worked with its customers to set up processes for each phase of innovation: ideation and discovery, delivery, and commercialization. While people tend to think of innovation in terms of new product introduction, we look at innovation as integral to the whole business. Innovation in manufacturing methods, information management, business processes, business models, and culture can all create a real competitive advantage with a solid top and bottom-line impact.

espi guides companies in building an environment where you Innovate at will. This environment supports and sustains continuous innovation.

espi works with our clients to address the four elements of innovation delivery:

Discovery Selection Delivery Commercialization

We work with clients to improve their Innovation Delivery capabilities through training workshops, coaching, and turn-key management for each of these innovation elements.

To achieve the full value of their innovation ideas, espi leads the client through the realizations of innovation projects (product, process, organization) that provide outstanding returns on investment.

We coach enterprise leaders and managers to become proficient with the tools of Innovation Delivery and fluent with the processes to achieve innovation goals consistently.


Ideation and Discovery

Everything great started with the idea that someone decided to deliver. The discovery stage is where ideas are born, refined, and tested. We emphasize the importance of innovating with intent …

Product – New Product Introduction

By applying our innovation tool kit, our clients achieve the rapid new product development pace needed to succeed in tomorrow’s marketplace …

Project Management

If you are looking for Predictable Delivery, Reduced Time to Implementation, Improved Quality, More Effective Use of Resources, Lower Cost, Improved Employee Morale – then espi is the right partner for your projects …

Portfolio Management

Most organizations will produce more good project ideas than they have resources to complete. Our approach is to focus on what matters so that you can do less but deliver more ...