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Supply Chain Management

Build a competitive advantage with your supply chain. Success in business is now about building a resilient and robust supply

We combine process rigor with change management and digital technologies that enable faster, better decision making for improved service level while driving down cost-to-serve.


In the DISCOVER phase, espi starts with an assessment of the current state.

During the ANALYZE phase, we work closely with the subject matter experts to examine all the supply chain data.

During the PLAN phase, we develop customized plans to improve the processes. Our focus is on business processes and tough organizational behavior issues as we address the needs for digitization to further improve the processes.

We stage the deployment plans during the IMPLEMENT and OPERATIONALIZE phase to ensure the organization’s maturity level. This approach helps the client to build their knowledge and expertise as they work closely with our consultants.

Supply Chain Management Consulting services for manufacturing businesses


Advanced Planning and Scheduling

Build a strong foundation for long-term planning for improved decisions regarding Make-Buy-Move.

Warehouse Management

Improve warehouse operations for productivity, velocity, and customer service.

Modeling and Simulation

Advanced modeling and simulation capabilities to create scenarios and answer complex What If questions.


Strategic sourcing to tactical improvements in procurement organization to maximize productivity, reduce risks, and improve customer service.


Maximize the potential of existing MRP system investments to optimize the supply chain.


Strategic Improvements to Injection Molding Scheduling

“The technical assistance provided by [our project partners] has been instrumental in optimizing the scheduling of Injection Molding. The project provided a new strategic direction that we intend to follow in how we will schedule production at our Allentown facility.”

PA/NJ Operations B. Braun Medical Inc. Vice President & General Manager