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Manufacturing Process and Engineering

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Manufacturing Process and Engineering

Value – Pursuit of Operational Excellence requires deep experience and knowledge in the manufacturing process and engineering design. Our expertise goes beyond the application of conventional Lean tools to eliminate non-value-added operations, and build value within the process. espi works with companies in improving their operations from a quality, reliability, efficiency, throughput, cost, and safety/compliance standpoint. These services can range from upgrades of existing assets to new installations for growth and scalability.

espi’s support can range from the design of a jig or fixture to improving a specific operation where value is created. espi provides services to design for mistake-proofing, research and development of alternate materials, automation of part of the process to conceptual design and implementation of customized equipment to meet specific needs.


Every project begins with a discovery. During the DISCOVER phase, espi gains a thorough understanding of the production process and value-stream. We gather information pertinent to the product and process, key performance indicators, critical to quality (CTQ) process parameters, workstation, workflow, material handling, etc..

During the ANALYZE phase, we analyze the data collected during the discovery phase, start defining the requirements, and identify opportunities for improvement. These projects are categorized in the short-term, which require no or minimal capital and long-term, which involve capital commitments.

During the PLAN phase, we start the development of conceptual designs and prototypes. We create a plan for the future-state production by working shoulder-to-shoulder with the subject matter experts. We conduct production process reviews based on a couple of alternatives, and once the overall production process is decided, we develop a detailed production plan.

During the IMPLEMENT and OPERATIONALIZE phase, we provide various services working shoulder to shoulder with your team. espi focuses on ensuring that clients realize production process planning benefits.