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Information Excellence

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Information Excellence

Information excellence is about delivering business value by leveraging technology solutions. You can count on your customers and the marketplace to pose challenges to your businesses. With the speed of change and complexity (product, process, geography, etc.) in doing business, coupled with the rapid changes in the technology landscape, you can be overwhelmed. Yes, technology matters; a lot! We believe that information systems are vital for enriching your customers, driving your growth and profitability, and successfully staying ahead of the competition. But, it is not just about technology; it is a lot about processes and people.

Financial Analysis

We have helped our customers digitize their businesses and achieved the desired value on their transformational initiatives. Our clients have realized a range of benefits like streamlined processes, improved visibility of operations and compliance, effective management of complexity, improved asset utilization, improved OEE with planning and scheduling, ease of doing business with enterprise integration with customers and suppliers, top-line growth, and improved customer service.

We constantly leverage:

  • Our deep experience in Operational Excellence that builds customer value-centric streamlined business processes.
  • Our best practices of Innovation Excellence includes project and change management.

If you are looking to raise your game to stand out and thrive in today’s fast-paced and global competitive landscape, you need a solid foundation of Information Systems. Business leaders need first to drive business benefits from existing technology investments or invest in business transformation by leveraging technology.


Business Process and System Evaluation

Many organizations struggle from realizing the full potential of their information systems. Their business processes are not mature, and they aspire to have Class A business processes …

System Selection

This is an investment—a foundational step for selecting systems that creates a launchpad for the implementation. System Evaluation is a critical and overwhelming process for businesses …

System Implementation

Business transformation through the implementation of ERP systems and other business systems is a major undertaking. These are high-reward and high-risk projects that businesses undertake only a few times in their life-cycle …

System Optimization

Several businesses show symptoms of a sub-optimized systems environment. These symptoms include misaligned processes, manual data entry, non-value-added steps, poor customer service, lack of visibility of value-chain status …

Infor Solutions

Get the tools you need to cut costs, improve operational efficiency, and make better decisions faster with CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine) ERP …

Data Sciences

Businesses are equipped with modern information system platforms, and yet some are struggling to put the power of that data for use. This area is where espi can step in. Our clients have successfully converted their data to decisions and actions …

Custom Application Development

Technology innovation, adoption, and improvement have become a necessity for organizations to sustain and improve business performance …

Manufacturing 4.0

80% plus manufacturing and supply-chain executives believe that to maintain a competitive advantage in the next couple of decades, they