Case Study:

Supply Chain Planning

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Medical Manufacturing - Supply Chain Planning
  • Optimize the supply chain process for the Allentown facility
  • Reduce warehouse space and inventory
  • Increase efficiency overall
The Solution:
  • Detect the value-added and non-value-added time
  • Designated pilot areas within the organization to begin supply chain improvements
  • Analyzed process flows in Thermoforming, an area selected to begin the analysis, and gathered information from their buyers
  • Established supply chain Kanbans, Kanban quantities, and reorder points
  • Engaged in a discussion with a major supplier about how the supply chain would be structured
Realized Benefits:
  • Reduced warehouse space by 50%
  • Reduced inventory by $500,000
  • Established supply chain Kanbans, Kanban quantities, and re-order points
  • Provided the knowledge to continue supply chain improvements