Case Study:

Operational Improvements

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Manufacturing - Consumer Products
  • Stimulate and analyze their manufacturing processes, capabilities, and operational strategies for the new digital printing technology.
  • Launch a new line and ensure a smooth start-up of the first digital printing line and finishing cell.
The Solution:
  • Gathered production data and interviewed key employees.
  • Introduced cellular manufacturing technology and techniques into the Day-Timers production culture.
  • We have developed a manufacturing simulation model with several scenarios to analyze the input of demand and operating conditions on throughput cycle time and resource utilization.
Realized Benefits:
  • Saved $100,000 in equipment costs
  • Met throughput objective of 42,000 units per week
  • Reduced cycle time by 80%

With the completion of the project, we can manufacture customized Personal Pages and generic Day-Timer planners at our facility, with reduced cycle time and capital expense in a cellular environment. Attainment of our project goals was accomplished through cellular structure and extensive process simulation.”

VP Manufacturing, Day-Timers Inc.