Case Study:

Operational Improvement

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Operational Improvement
  • Improve production flow of Hard Goods candy
  • Create documentation of the production planning and scheduling process by using standard ISO formats
The Solution:
  • Utilized different methods to gather and analyze pertinent data
    • Fish Bone Analysis – identify potential causes of low efficiencies
    • Time Studies – establish consistency of recorded downtime data
    • Interviews and Record Exams – determine how manufacturing developed and executed the production schedule
    • Flow Diagrams – identify key problem areas in scheduling
  • Presented recommendations to address scheduling, production, and equipment downtime:
    • Develop better standards for each production line
    • Issue and adhere to realistic and balanced schedules
    • Complete orders as planned
    • Minimize Work in Process
    • Develop and employ a formalized schedule and measurement system.
Realized Benefits:
  • Identified the main reasons for not achieving 100% schedule realization
  • Established solutions and action plans to eliminate the causes and their effects
  • Created a documentation system (ISO format) for long-term monitoring and improvement of future production realization issues
  • Provided capability to meet strategic growth objectives

“The successful completion of this project was the result of teamwork between ESPI engineers and Just Born personnel. We greatly appreciate their efforts to provide us the capability to meet our strategic growth objectives.”

Vice President of Operations, Just Born, Inc.