Case Study:

ERP System Implementation

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Manufacturing - Consumer Products
  • Review existing business processes and business information systems to evaluate visibility for future growth
  • Establish a stronger system that integrates large quantities of data
  • Improve infrastructure to facilitate growth
The Solution:
  • Examine current business processes
  • Define necessary changes to meet requirements and functionality
  • Recognize advantages and disadvantages
  • Develop hardware specifications
  • Participate in training FMI personnel
  • Prepare ROI analysis
Realized Benefits:
  • Implement ERP
    • Better material supply control
    • Capacity understanding
    • Effective scheduling
    • True cost determinations
  • Centralized FMI’s data into one system
  • Re-engineered business processes to be more efficient

“We successfully developed and implemented an integrated strategic information (ERP) system. It… significantly enhanced our production, planning, purchasing, lot tracking, and accounting capabilities. As a result, we have grown the business by working with larger customers with more sophisticated requirements.”

President, Fragrance Manufacturing, Inc.