Case Study:

Business Transformation Initiative

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Manufacturing - Confection
  • SweetLink® business transformation initiative utilizing SAP foundation.
  • Gain strategic and tactical support for project management, change management, and system management.
The Solution:
  • Created a core team to define and own the Sweet Link business processes and helped with anticipated organizational change management
  • Addressed all key business aspects and bring “tribal knowledge” to the surface for the current-state business process documentation
  • Worked with subject-matter experts to develop a vision for the future in the blue-printing phase
  • Identified the impact of change, associated risks, and master data gaps and helped them realize how the process would work
  • Coordinated all aspects of change management for the Sweet Link processes
Realized Benefits:
  • Detail documentation of current-state processes
  • Development of future-state process and governance
  • Master data organization
  • Strengthened risk and change management

“There is no way we would have been anywhere near prepared… without all the help provided by espi in evaluating our “As-is” processes and preparing us for the start of implementation. We have derived tremendous value from the work they have provided to us!! Thanks for all of your help with the project! The confidence level that the rest of the team has in you, and your understanding of our business is unprecedented for a consultant.”

Ed Broczkowski, Program Manger