Case Study:

5-Year Strategic Plan

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Medical Manufacturing - 5-Year Strategic Plan
  • Develop and maintain a strategic manufacturing plan
  • Integrate and consolidate assembly and injection molding facilities
  • Increase overall automation within the organization
The Solution:
  • Conduct a series of interviews with a variety of personnel
  • Develop a plan that integrates all divisions’ current and future goals
  • Determine the equipment requirements necessary and optimal plant configuration to meet all interest and divisional necessities
  • Create a 5-year progressive reconfiguration of a current facility to allow for all the consolidations and additions of new equipment
  • Annually update the plan to accommodate business changes
Realized Benefits:
  • Strategic plan to help accomplish goals
  • List of tactical requirements to achieve every year
  • Detailed layout of the physical plant in 5 years
  • The cross-functional team increased organizational communication and information flow