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Operational Process Improvements Facility Planning

Sales and Operational planning consultant empowering a manufacturing team.

Industry: Imports & Wholesale | Products and Services: Garden Products

  • Streamline production and material flow in molding cells to reduce material waste
  • Increase operational productivity in molding cells
  • Develop a new facility layout with an optimized production flow and incorporation of new equipment
The Solution
  • Gathered, reviewed, and verified all current production and facility data and data generated through observations
  • Conducted time studies and collected process information to form the basis for company analysis
  • Provided short- and long-term improvements, ranked by cost estimates and associated benefits,
  • Prepared an optimized layout for the new facility with production and flow designs to accommodate current and future needs
Realized Benefits
  • Annual operational savings of $250,000
  • Productivity improvement of 20-30%
  • Return on project investment of 8:1
  • Ability to grow without increasing labor costs

“With labor costs being the company’s largest cost driver, the need to grow without increasing labor is a major factor in decidint to stay in Pennsylvania or move the company to lower labor cost areas… We are truly happy with the results.”

Chief Executive Officer, Campania International Inc

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