Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Successful companies build a roadmap to translate their business strategy into action. Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) is that holistic roadmap. S&OP takes a single enterprise view in developing a well-coordinated plan that bridges the gap between long-range business plan and operational planning and therefore provides a "framework to run business”. It helps upper and middle management get on a same sheet of music from sales, marketing, production, logistics, research and development, engineering, human resources, and finance.

espi has assisted several organizations in successfully launching and optimizing S&OP and has deployed following methodology:

  • Discovery – every organization has unique needs, culture, systems, data, and business drivers. espi assesses these aspects during the discovery phase.
  • Development – during this phase espi develops a customized process including the full definition of timing, calendars, responsibilities, metrics, etc.
  • Trainingespi trains the S&OP team not just on the philosophy but on specific tasks that need to take place to successfully start the process.
  • Software Selection – if needed espi assists customers in selecting the appropriate software platform to deploy the process. espi has also developed customized tools to facilitate S&OP process.
  • Deploymentespi helps the client’s team get the process launched and actively leads the first few monthly cycles. This helps the team members get a true feel for the work involved in managing S&OP.
  • Coaching - espi continues to coach client team members hone in on different skills and helps in continuous improvement of the S&OP business process.

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