Plant Optimization

espi has a great deal of experience in plant optimization through various industries. This experience allows us to provide many innovative solutions by looking at the process from many different angles. We work closely with your team to conduct audits and surveys to gain a deep understanding of your processes and outline a troubleshooting program.


Our experts have extensive experience in lean manufacturing principles and techniques. Lean manufacturing methodology is a balance of doing more with less while maintaining, and improving, quality and efficiency. We work with your team to identify the causes of downtime, productivity lags and constraints to begin implementing key process improvements. We collaborate and educate your staff throughout the process to ensure the improvements are sustainable and an environment of continuous improvement is established.


Our clients have utilized espi’s plant optimization services and solutions from initial audits to full program implementations in the following areas:

  • Plant Layout and expansion
  • Process Optimization
  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Inventory and warehouse optimization
  • Supply Chain
  • Distribution

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