Innovation Delivery

Peter Drucker wrote that “the purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” To do this, a “business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.”

The espi team has deep experience in guiding our clients to develop competitive advantage through innovation delivery.

We start through an efficient assessment process to identify, evaluate and refine the organization’s distinctive competencies. Based on this, we work with the leadership team to refine the corporate strategy and lay the foundation to innovate with intent.

We help organizations set up processes for each phase of innovation: ideation and discovery, delivery and commercialization. We have demonstrated that successful delivery of innovation is not a function of mysterious secrets but the result of following proven approaches and applying effective tools. We coach leaders and managers in the enterprise on implementing these processes and developing proficiency in the right tools.


We emphasize the importance of innovating with intent. Through our approach, innovation aligns with and reinforces strategy. In order to achieve this, we work with enterprise leaders to develop a solid business model which lays out a clear value proposition for customers. This becomes the framework for concrete action and sets a direction for innovation development.

  Discovery and Idea Generation

The discovery stage is where ideas are born, re¬fined and selected. We bring people together in unique ways to collaborate on the development of great ideas which are aligned with the enterprise strategy and build on its distinctive competencies. We guide clients in developing processes for idea generation which yield high value results.

This phase is not just about developing ideas, it is also about evaluation and selection so that the enterprise focuses energy on those with the greatest potential and value. We work with the leadership team through the selection process to evaluate ideas, re¬fine them and select those that really count. In support of Discovery and Idea Generation we provide:

  • Workshops and training programs
  • Analysis and valuation
  • Coaching

  Delivery and Project Management

Innovation goes beyond generating great ideas. They must be delivered and launched in order to really count as innovations. Project management is the craft of converting ideas to reality. We draw on best practices like those outlined by the Project Management Institute to develop project management processes for our clients which are customized to their culture and industry. These processes are structured for both effectiveness and efficiency.

Our espi team has a combined experience of successfully delivering over 500 projects. We combine theory with real-world practicality to bring the most effective approaches to our clients. In helping our clients develop and implement project management, we follow a well-proven 5 step approach:

  1. Assess current processes and projects
  2. Develop a new or updated process based on best practices and the enterprise culture
  3. Conduct workshops to train people on project management in the context of the new process
  4. Coach project sponsors, project managers and project teams on the tools of the new process
  5. Work with the enterprise leadership on continuous improvement

We also will work with companies on project recovery. If a mission critical project is showing signs of strain or even falls into serious crisis, then we can bring in best practices to quickly stabilize the situation and implement an effective recovery. Exact results naturally depend on the details of the situation.


Creating ideas and developing them is not sufficient for delivery innovations. We also must launch them either to the market or internally (for process innovations). While usually described sequentially as the last stage, the launch process actually begins at Discovery and Idea Generation. During this phase, we develop the compelling story and define the value proposition. This becomes the foundation for the launch message.

We work with our clients to develop then refine the value statement for each innovation. We then identify target segments and customers. These become the basis for effective communication and roll-out plans. There is a tendency to think of innovations in terms of new products and services. In fact, many valuable innovations are internally focused on improved processes, operating models and cultures. These types of innovations also require launch plans. In fact, they may face greater resistance and require quite some planning to make a successful implementation.

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