Facility Planning

Since our founding in 2002 espi has been providing Facility Planning and Design solutions as one of the cornerstones of our business.  Our experience in this area ranges across all industries and types of industrial and commercial facilities.  Our solutions are designed and implemented to improve your operations and make them more efficient and effective. espi provides consulting services for site selection,  facility expansion / new facility design, and design-build management. espi prides itself on utilizing our fully integrated approach to plant layout and design projects to meet your operational requirements and needs.

Site Selection

espi conducts site studies through extensive research and needs analysis.  Through careful consideration of your future facility and requirements, we thoroughly review all options on where to locate to best meet your needs.

espi partners with commercial real estate experts, local and state economic development officials, site managers and other related real estate individuals to provide you with the most comprehensive information we can.  Our recommendations cover all potential risks and ensure that once a site is selected the project can meet your budget and scheduling targets.

Expansion/New Facility Design

espi views each project by first understanding your operations, issues, constraints and future growth plans.  Once we understand all of the factors and your requirements we begin designing a facility and associated systems to support your vision.  Our focus is to meet your operational goals, as well as providing a work environment that is both safe and flexible to accommodate future growth. espi’s approach and planning are geared to provide:

  • Accurate facility space requirements
  • Flexible design to support future growth
  • More efficient and effective processes and production and material flows
  • All operational, budgetary and scheduling targets

espi’s team is committed to the project from start to finish and can handle all technical and commercial items between you and the contractor.

Design-Build Management

espi provides services to support you in the pre-construction and construction phases of the project. Our team ensures that the project is executed on time and on budget allowing you to focus on your immediate production and business goals.

espi supports using local contractors to perform the project work and creates RFP packages for the bid process.  Our goal is to get competitive bids from 3 to 4 contractors and then present you with the best proposal to meet your needs.

Our commitment to you continues through the end of construction, move-in and start-up.  By doing this we ensure that your facility is working as it is supposed to and that your staff is comfortable to operate and maintain it properly.


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