Business Intelligence

Our years of experience in managing business functions and in setting up their key performance objectives for companies has helped our clients to understand the process and value. Our agile approach helps in ensuring that critical reports and dashboards are developed while simultaneously developing a scalable, flexible and reliable strategy to harvest a variety of data-streams in a heterogeneous environment.


espi looks at Business Analytics through advanced statistical, mathematical models and analytical methods, to provide data-driven insights and business forecasts. espi doesn’t stop there. We have the experience to help your organization to improve your processes so as to move the needles on your dashboards in the right direction! With support from espi your unique reporting framework will serve as the foundation for analysis, proactive problem detection and will highlight successes and areas of improvement.


espi helps to identify the specific analytical goals to support your business. We can customize insightful Executive Dashboards with actionable data, comprised by utilizing best practices for data gathering, analysis and optimization recommendations. Most importantly we help create a comprehensive tracking method that provides a holistic picture while also honing in on key areas of improvements.


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