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Medical Devices

The medical device industry has faced dramatic changes over the past several years with the Affordable Care Act. Increased regulations and medical device taxes has resulted in increased pricing within the industry, as well as higher pressure to product access. Manufacturers need to deliver greater value through measurable cost and quality outcomes.


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5-year Strategic Plan

Braun manufactures medical devices such as needles, catheters, and valves. These devices are sold individually or in kits for a variety of medical procedures.


To develop a strategic manufacturing plan that would allow B. Braun to integrate and consolidate their assembly and injection molding facilities and increase automation within their operations over the next five years. To educate B. Braun on how to create and maintain a manufacturing strategic plan.


Drawing from a series of interviews with personnel from Sales and Marketing, Research and Development and Operations, ESPI and the B. Braun team developed a plan that integrated all of their divisions’ current and future plans and initiatives into a comprehensive manufacturing plan.

Key areas of interest included sales growth, new product introduction, automation, movement of hand operations to other facilities and integration of injection molding and assembly operations. ESPI then determined the equipment requirements necessary to handle these needs and the optimal plant configuration to meet all of the divisional necessities.


The result was a five year progressive reconfiguration of the Marcon Boulevard facility that allowed B. Braun to make all of their consolidations and additions of new equipment within the existing physical facility. B. Braun is implementing this plan and updating it annually to accommodate business changes.

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