Since 2002 espi has had the opportunity to work with organizations across a broad spectrum of industries and in various capacities when confronting 21st century business realities. Our proven success record illustrates how espi has partnered with our clients and helped them to adapt to the modern landscape. Whether it is the need for facility expansion, production and process innovations, a clear strategic plan, a more efficient supply chain, streamlined operations, or a solid technology platform allowing end-to-end visibility for the organization espi is the partner you can rely on.


The Manufacturing industry is the area that espi finds the majority of our projects centered. Most manufacturing companies are confronted with the 21st century business reality of increased customer demands, regulations, global competition and constant material struggles. The environment is quite difficult but those companies willing to adapt to this modern landscape the possibilities are limitless.   New technologies enable companies the opportunity for production and process innovations, while allowing end-to-end visibility for the organization. Manufacturers today capitalize on this insight by making better decisions with a clear strategic plan, an efficient supply chain, streamlined operations, and a solid technology foundation.  


espi delivers solutions through creativity and deep industry know-how to companies in the food and beverage production, packaging and distribution sector. Our teams have enabled clients to significantly increase line outputs and reduce product waste in many diverse environments.   Each solution begins with careful study, and coupled with our proven industry expertise we ensure measured results for your organization. With a wide range of solutions from facility planning to supply chain and logistics, we help ensure control over scheduling, budget, safety and quality.  


World class organizations from across all industrial sectors turn to espi for a partner they can truly count on. Working with such a broad range of companies and unique challenges has equipped espi with the expertise and experience required to overcome any challenge and deliver results. espi has been successful in creating a culture that allows the organization to continuously improve through analysis, refinement and execution.  


Many consumer products companies are challenged with adapting to new emerging markets created by growing global competitiveness, complex consumer behavior and balance between retail and online stores. espi has worked with various clients to help design innovation delivery that fosters new product design with higher success rates.  


The electronics industry’s one unique characteristic is short product life cycles. With ever-changing products companies invest heavily in product research and development to stay competitive. Product life-cycle management and production efficiency are areas clients look to seize opportunities to transform their business. Building winning strategies for growth, organizational effectiveness and planning are some of the areas espi clients have benefited through our partnership.  


To stay a leader in the transportation industry takes swift and decisive action when faced with complex supply chain issues, volatile fuel markets and customer demands. Our clients look to espi to provide them with the performance and supply chain improvements needed to create a winning growth strategy. The secret is analyzing and transforming the key data into the useful information you need to make a faster and informed decision.  

Medical Devices

The medical device industry has faced dramatic changes over the past several years with the Affordable Care Act. Increased regulations and medical device taxes has resulted in increased pricing within the industry, as well as higher pressure to product access. Manufacturers need to deliver greater value through measurable cost and quality outcomes.  

Hospital/ Healthcare

Building better relationships, trust and value with patients, vendors and support providers leads to more effective care. Healthcare providers are looking for new and innovative ways in delivering higher-quality care at a lower price. Our clients look for espi to provide the tools for more effective management, reimbursement systems and budget tracking allowing them to take on more accountability for patient outcomes and cost of care.  


The past few years has created an uncertainty within the energy sector that no one could have previously predicted. With the rise and fall of fuel prices, increased regulations and push for alternative energy sources companies have to become much more agile to survive. Planning more efficient manufacturing facilities and putting systems in place to maximize production, personnel and accountability is how espi partners with industry leaders to keep them poised for success.  


espi partners with ambitious leaders looking to break from the status quo of traditional government and provide greater value. Combining the “Best Practices” from our private sector expertise with the understanding in the social and public arenas we are able to achieve sustainable long-term results. From faster permitting initiatives to multi-faceted projects that deliver more substantial improvements espi is eager to help government agencies to realize their economic and social goals.  


Overall global defense spending is down however the need to support our military and their equipment is at an all time high. Our expertise has been called on by some of the largest support depots in the military to increase efficiency, output and overall service to their organization. A result of increased productivity and facility size leading to additional job opportunities is a proud accomplishment knowing we had a part in keeping our service men and women safe.  

Printing/ Publishing

The printing industry is in the midst of sweeping change as demands for information and the push for more immediate methods of delivery are sought. More targeted analysis by harnessing the power of big data and the advanced analytics are providing the competitive edge needed in the face of the growing digital world. Companies look to espi to optimize their organizations and help find new ways to control costs and increase efficiency to succeed.