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Integrated Business Planning

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Integrated Business Planning

Integrated Business Planning is the heartbeat of successful businesses. espi’s proprietary Enterprise Planning approach produces a well-coordinated roadmap to translate a long-range business plan into actionable and operational plans. espi works with the leadership team to build a cross-functional and collaborative environment that delivers high-quality and dynamic plans. Enterprise Planning process sets a monthly cadence of Demand-Supply-Partnership-Executive reviews, which improve key performance metrics such as top-line revenue growth, improved customer service, and EBIDTA margin improvements.

Enterprise Planning Implementation:

Discovery – Every organization has unique needs, culture, systems, data, and business drivers. espi assesses these aspects during the discovery phase.

Developmentespi develops a customized process, including the full definition of cadence, calendars, responsibilities, metrics, etc.

Trainingespi trains the Enterprise Planning team on the philosophy, as well as building proficiency in these methodologies. This approach may include customized training in specific areas such as Balanced Scorecard, Demand Planning, and Capacity Planning.

Technology Selection – Depending upon the business needs, espi assists clients in selecting the appropriate software platform to deploy the process. This process may include a comparative evaluation of sophisticated platforms for advanced forecasting, integrated business planning, advanced planning, and scheduling.

Deploymentespi helps the client’s team launch the process and actively leads the first few monthly cycles. This method helps the team members gain expertise in managing Enterprise Planning.

Coachingespi continues to coach the client team members to hone critical skills and sustain continuous improvement of the Enterprise Planning process.

For many organizations, rolling out Enterprise Planning creates significant disruption throughout the management team. espi improves acceptance of the new processes and tools through effective change management methods.