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Factory Design & Optimization

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Factory Design & Optimization

Building a new facility, expanding, or streamlining an existing facility is a significant strategic investment and must be done right. This time is a unique opportunity for a business to evaluate the material flow and establish best practices for streamlined workflow, improved productivity, and customer experience.

Over 200 customers have taken advantage of espi’s unique expertise that integrates Factory Design and Lean Process thinking to set up efficient operations.

Our experience in this area ranges across all industries and types of industrial and commercial facilities, including warehouses, distribution centers, and laboratories.

We offer a full range of services from design to implementation, focused on improving your operations and making them more efficient and effective.


Every project begins with a discovery. During the DISCOVER phase, espi gains a deep understanding of the desired strategic outcomes, key performance indicators, strategic growth plan, current facility, inventory of the assets, material flow, utilities and infrastructure, product and production operations, material handling and storage, offices and supporting functions.

During the ANALYZE phase, we inspect the product flow based on Bills of Materials and Routings. We examine the production volume and space requirements for the different assets. We research capacity requirements, and then we look at the strategic growth plans. We use this information to develop space requirements for equipment as well as the handling and storage of the materials.

During the PLAN phase, we create a design for the future-state facility. We work shoulder-to-shoulder with the subject matter experts conducting design reviews based on various alternatives. Once we agree on the overall layout, a detailed facility plan is developed.

Site Selectionespi conducts site studies through extensive research and needs analysis. Through careful consideration of your future facility and requirements, we thoroughly review all options on what location best meets your needs. Our recommendations cover all potential risks to ensure that once a site is selected, the project can meet your budget and schedule targets.

Construction Biddingespi prepares detailed RFP documents for construction. We shortlist contractors for the RFP based on a variety of criteria such as experience, financial stability, costs, etc. We evaluate the competitive bids and make recommendations for the final selection.

During the IMPLEMENT phase, we can provide various services including:

Construction Project Managementespi is focused on ensuring that our clients realize the benefits of the project. espi runs the command center to deliver the project and ensure the facility is up and running at the required performance level.

Facility Start-Upespi supervises and coordinates the move from the existing to the new facility. espi ensures that all aspects of the facility are operating as per the plan.

Our experience spans over 200+ New Facilities | Expansions | Optimizations

Proven Methodologies and Tools:

  • Value Stream Map
  • Value-added/Non-value added analysis
  • Product Flow Analysis
  • Capacity Analysis
  • CAD Layouts – 3D Modeling