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System Optimization

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System Optimization

Several businesses show symptoms of a sub-optimized systems environment. These symptoms include misaligned processes, manual data entry, non-value-added steps, poor customer service, lack of visibility of value-chain status, lack of key performance measurements, lack of standardization of processes, and so on.

Several factors contribute to a sub-optimized systems environment, whether it is a hurried implementation, lack of vision, retirement of experienced staff, poor system support, lack of knowledge of system features, poorly defined processes, or poor quality of data.

At times there is no reason to ‘throw the baby out with the bathwater’! espi has optimized systems performance in a variety of situations. This action requires a holistic approach, an experienced team, and a close partnership with the subject matter experts that are committed to making a change. espi takes a pragmatic and process-centric approach and builds an environment to deliver change using strong change management practices. Our process empowers the users, and by optimizing the system capabilities, businesses can thrive by leveraging their information system platform.