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Project Management

Project Management

Converting ideas to reality to deliver value on the promise!

With the pace of change in today’s world, it essential to make your great ideas operational as fast as possible. Equally importantly, we must deliver on the full set of benefits. Our clients leverage espi’s project management toolbox and expertise to deliver their projects rapidly, efficiently, and effectively. This accelerates benefit realization by managing costs, quality, risks, and most importantly change!

All organizations have a lot of great ideas for making them better: product enhancements, new products, cost reductions, digital transformations, quality improvements, higher levels of customer service, and the list goes on. These ideas become the foundation for your competitive advantage and success. In our high velocity world, it essential that this value be achieved in a timely manner.

espi takes a practical approach to project management which based on leading standards by PMI, Prince, and others. We manage projects through either a phase-gate/milestone process or through agile processes depending on the nature of the project and the experience of the project team. We have developed unique tools and approaches which have proven successful across a wide range of projects and programs.

Throughout any project, we keep in mind that success is determined by a combination of people, processes, and tools. To deliver a successful project, all three must be aligned and considered in the project planning. Our manufacturing domain experience in operations and information excellence is augmented by project management toolbox and expertise. This unique combination accelerates benefit realization by managing quality, risks, costs, and most importantly change!