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Change Management

Change Management

Our approach ensures that clients secure and sustain the benefits we implement with them.

In all of our practice areas (operations, information and innovation) we partner with senior leaders to advance change. The changes can range from minor ones such as developing standard practices to transformative corporate strategic initiatives such as an ERP implementation or setting up Project Portfolio Management. We adapt our approach based on the scale, complexity, and risk of the project.

Regardless of the degree of change, we determine the best approach to implement the new ways of doing things by

  1. Determining the degree of change
  2. Identifying all key stakeholders who will be impacted by the change
  3. Assessing the organization’s readiness to change by asking whether folks are ready, willing and able to make the transition?

From this initial assessment, we then incorporate a change management plan into our implementation plan. In general, we model our approach off Kotter’s 8 stage methods but have adapted to the change management methods that may already have been adopted by the organization.

The foundation of any successful transition is to align expectations regarding the value, scope, impact and benefits of the new approaches. From this base we build a plan and then implement the plan.
We have developed a unique set of tools to guide our clients through successful implementation of change initiatives. We also work with management to secure the changes through training, coaching and persistent messaging.