Change Management

Don't Leave Change to Chance

Change Management – A common theme around failures is resistance to change. Transformational change requires careful consideration of the ‘People’ impacted by the change and not just the Process and Technology. People who ulitmately succed in a project make the project successful.

Many of our customers have appreciated integration of change management throughout all the phases of our project. espi has adapted ADKAR model from Prosci(R). A – Awareness, D – Desire, K – Knowledge, A – Ability, and R – Reinforcement.

Awareness represents a person’s understanding of the nature of the change, why the change, and the risks of not changing.

Desire represents the willingness to support and engage in a change. Desire is about personal choice influenced by the required change. 

Knowledge represents the information, training, and education necessary to know how to change.

Ability represents the realization or execution of the change. Ability is turning knowledge into action.

Reinforcement – represents those internal and external factors that sustain a change. This ranges from recognitions and rewards to person’s internal satisfaction.

A focused and methodical approach such as ADKAR(R) is critical for all projects that espi undertakes. Leadership Training and Mentoring throughout the projects ensures that individuals are successful in driving new processes and technologies.

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