Stage 1 – IDENTIFY

April 19, 2016 by ESPI

Stage 1 – IDENTIFY

With any process analysis, the first step is to observe. All elements of the changeover need to be observed and recorded. This allows a baseline to be established so that the level of improvement can be determined and also provides the raw information that will be utilized -during the process.


The best technique to use at this stage is video recording. Staff usually has no problems with being videotaped while they perform a set-up provided the importance and process of set-up time reduction has been properly explained. The video will allow the set-up to be replayed as many times as is necessary to analyze and improve the process.


Stage 1 Tools

  • Video Recording Device
  • Stopwatch
  • Set Up Reduction Worksheet
  • Area Layout Map

The Setup Reduction Worksheet is used to document the events performed during the setup. The worksheet provides a time stamp for each event during the setup and is used to identify internal and external events.




The Area Layout Map allows you to make a spaghetti diagram creating a visual map of the actual flow.  This is to be used in conjunction with the Setup Reduction Worksheet.



  • Record the processes on the Setup Reduction Worksheet and ask questions if not clear on the activity.
  • Start at the beginning of the first process. Use directional arrows for the routes that are traced on the Area Layout Map. Record all steps and elapsed times on the Setup Reduction Worksheet.
  • Do not leave out any flow movement even if the paper becomes cluttered and difficult to follow. This will most likely indicate areas of opportunity.
  • Record the amount of time within each activity.
  • Show the areas where materials and tools are stopped, staged, held, inspected and picked up. Look for point-of-use opportunities for materials, tools, and paperwork.
  • Record the names of those involved, dates, times, and other relevant information.
  • Calculate the distance, times, shift, starts, stops, to provide baseline performance.
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April 19, 2016 by ESPI


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