Operational Excellence In the Age of Social Distancing

May 1, 2020

by Scott Palochik

Protective Practice Excellence Plan


Covid-19 challenges every manufacturing company in the United States with issues ranging from raw materials supply to wild swings in customer demand. You face changing rules, regulations, and changing expectations of employees, suppliers, and customers. You need to respond to these demands quickly in order to get back to business in the “New Normal”.


Our goal is to help you restart your plant, realign operations to the new demand and supply environments, and refine operations to adapt efficiently to changing business conditions.


Contact us today for your copy of Operational Excellence In the Age of Social Distancing.

Vinay Govande – President – vgovande@ent-sys.com
Don Ortner – Vice-President – dortner@ent-sys.com
Scott Palochik – Business Development – spalochik@ent-sys.com



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April 3, 2020 by Scott Palochik

In: Facilities

Now more than ever espi is here to help those businesses who remain open providing critical services and products. Many organizations are having to deal with complex issues to keep their products moving so customers can get what they need when they need it most. Our operations, supply chain, and analytics services have been pivotal for small and large manufacturing customers.


espi is continuing to provide services to our clients and essential Life-Sustaining Businesses such as:


  • Food and beverage manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturing
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Semiconductor/electronics manufacturing
  • Other facilities where permissible

espi is committed to your organization’s success and we stand at the ready should any of our services or expertise be of value in these difficult times.


Please contact us via email at:

Vinay Govande – President – vgovande@ent-sys.com
Don Ortner – Vice-President – dortner@ent-sys.com
Scott Palochik – Business Development – spalochik@ent-sys.com

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